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Subscribed Book-keeing Service

Monthly book-keeping in compliance with the Accountancy Act, the National Chart of Accounts, the National Accounting Standards and all other legal and sublegal normative acts..

Book-keeping services
. Book-keeping services for physical and juridical persons
. Unilateral book-keeping
. Bilateral book-keeping
. Annual closing of accounting records
. Monthly closing of accounting records
. Current accounting transactions
. Preparing of annual, intermediate and other financial reports
. Preparing of register of circulations
. Balance preparing
. Finding suitable auditors and synchronizing our common activities
. Journals, declarations and portable carriers of information according to the Law for VAT
. Annual tax declarations of physical persons
. Advance, final and one-time taxes
. Determining of insurances and taxes
. Declarations of social and health insurance
. Certification of books of insurance
. Information Reference for the National Institute of Statictics
. Preparing of primary and secondary labour and civil contracts
. Preparing of salary registers
. Collecting and register filing of book-keeping documentation
. Preparing of orders of payment for the budget payments